Innovation of the innovation process



1. Lecture

Talk supported by digital presentation for managers and/or designers.

Time: anywhere between 15 and 120 minutes.

2. Workshop

Serie of talks supported by digital presentation for designers.

Participants will train Columbus Design Method by developing concepts based on a good Product Definition and a Morphological Map.

Time: anywhere between one and ten mornings, afternoons or evenings.

3. Support

Do your design project with Columbus Design Method.

I will help you to reach the required standard for every item of the Columbus design process, to make it work.

4. Concept development

I can develop concepts for any product for your firm, applying CDM and coaching your product developers to continue on that basis.

About Columbus Design Method

Columbus Design Method is a creative design method or a method for decision making. The starting point is to find the best concept for a product:

You never know you have the best concept unless you find them all.

Most designers are convinced that you can never find every possible concept. Their experience is that, if you keep on searching, you will always find a concept that you never thought of before.

Columbus Design Method provides the technique to find every concept.

On this website you can find animation movies that explain how Columbus Design Method works.

Advantages of Columbus Design Method

1. Better results by finding every possible concept.

2. Better knowledge transfer by mapping every possible concept.

3. Better planning of innovation strategy and R&D activities.

  1. 4.Longer periods of cooperation between designer and manufacturer.

  2. 5.Different designers can work together on the same produsct, each developing different areas of a morphological map.

  3. 6.More similarity with the thought process of the designer.